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Malibu Wedding Photography | Saddlerock Ranch Winery More often than not, a bride’s request is to ‘just have fun’ on her wedding day. I don’t think that’s too much to ask! I have to say, this Malibu Winery Wedding at Saddlerock Ranch was the epitome of fun. We had such a great time exploring the property before the ceremony, feeding the animals, enjoying the company of great friends, savoring a glass of wine on the estate. So much of what happens before the vows, often gets lost in the story. But not for Brighid and Phil. They opted to enjoy every single moment of the day TOGETHER! The whole affair was a bride’s dream-come-true and Saddlerock Ranch was the absolute perfect venue to host all the fun!


Photography: Jillian Modern Photography Floral: Bride and Bloom Venue: Saddlerock Ranch Winery Hair & Makeup: Evelyn Sanabria
Order Generic Xanax Online Gown:  Alvina Valenta
Cake Artist: Vanilla Bake Shop

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The Mark Hotel Wedding Photography |New York City

The Mark Hotel has everything a photographer could ask for in a location for getting ready: large windows with beautiful natural light pouring in, large suites with plenty of space for friends and family-members to lounge and socialize, private space for the bride to relax, and some fun and quirky spots to photograph the special couple. I was especially thankful for the close proximity to the wedding venue this time at the Boathouse in Central Park!
We had Jenna and Dan’s timeline padded with so much extra space in between activities, no one was ever stressed and everything ran smoothly and on time. It was the perfect day! Thank you both for choosing me to capture your wedding. You’re wonderful! xo The-Mark-Hotel-Wedding-Photography-1Monique-Lhuillier-Pink-Bridal-GownThe_Mark_Hotel_Wedding_3The_Mark_Hotel_Wedding_4The-Mark-Hotel-Wedding-5Crying-Dad-at-WeddingSeeing-The-BrideThe-Mark-Hotel-Wedding-7Groom-and-Mom-DancingGroom-Getting-ReadyCentral-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-PhotographyCentral-Park-Wedding-BrideThe-Mark-Hotel-Wedding-NYCThe-Mark-Hotel-Wedding-PhotograpyJillian-Modern-PhotographyCentral-Park-Wedding-GroomJillian-Modern-Wedding-PhotographyCentral-Park-Wedding-PhotographyJillian-Modern-Wedding-Photography

Central Park Wedding Photography | New York City From the perspective of a photographer, a New York City Wedding is truly one of my favorite things! Jenna and Dan pulled off a dreamy affair with their closest friends and family at their side….nestled into the perfect little nook on a peaceful little pond all tucked away from the hustle of the city. It’s a place we all know as the Central Park Boathouse. I say it every time, it’s the quintessential place to get married in the city, surrounded by all that natural beauty. And speaking of natural beauty, Jenna was nothing short of stunning in her blush colored Monique Lhuillier gown. Can we please talk about the detail on that dress? Elegant perfection from head to toe! It was one of those days that we wished would never end. Thank you to this perfect couple for allowing me to share in all the details with you (especially the dress shopping part!). I can’t wait to follow along with your story as you adventure through life together. Sending you a giant hug today. xoxo Central-ParkCentral-Park-Wedding-PhotographerNew-York-City-WeddingCentral-Park-BrideNew-York-Wedding-PhotographyNew-York-City-BridesmaidsMonique-Lhuillier-DressCentral-Park-Wedding-PartyCentral-Park-Wedding-GroomsmanCentral-Park-Wedding-PhotographyCentral-Park-Ketuba-SigningBoathouse-CeremonyNeil-Lane-Engagement-RingNeil-Lane-Wedding-BandCentral-Park-Boathouse-CeremonyCentral Park Bride and GroomBoathouse-WeddingCentral-Park-Boathouse-Wedding-ReceptionModern-Wedding-PhotographyBoathouse Wedding ReceptionCentral-Park-Boathouse-EventCentral-Park-Wedding-ReceptionCentral-Park-Wedding-Reception-3Central-Park-Boathouse-Reception

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Cinque Terre Wedding Photography | Kate and Adam I don’t think it’s any big secret that Italy is my very favorite place in the whole world! Well…Italy and Palm Springs … I long for both of those places on a regular basis. So when Kate reached out about her plans to elope in Cinque Terre, I was like…DREAMY!!! (= I also felt super connected to Kate and Adam’s story because I always had a secret desire to elope. I mean, what could be more romantic? Eloping in a colorful village that hangs on a vertical coastline that falls right into the Mediterranean Sea…IN THE ITALIAN RIVIERA!!! If you were to paint a picture of romance, I think that might be it!
Let me tell you, watching these two lovebirds recite their vows to each other as the tide came drifting in over the rocks… I think that was the picture of what love is all about. Those quiet moments of appreciation.  I feel so honored to have captured this precious day, celebrating the love between two hearts. Raising a glass and saying, thank GOODNESS you two finally found each other! I want to wish you, Kate and Adam, a lifetime of happiness together. You are a kind and beautiful couple. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. xo

Jillian-Modern-Photography-5522Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00740050Jillian-Modern-0055Cinque-Terre-5513Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00745031Kate-and-Adam-Wedding-5051Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00740052Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00740053Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00745075Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00740071Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00740063 copyCinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00745497Jillian-Modern-0066Jillian-Modern-5520Kate-and-Adam-Wedding-5124 Jillian Modern PhotographyJillian-Modern-Photography-5479Jillian-Modern-Photography-5488Jillian-Modern-Photography-5365Jillian-Modern-Photography-5105Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-0074Kate-and-Adam-Wedding-0073Kate-and-Adam-Wedding-00738642Kate-and-Adam-Wedding-00730072Jillian-Modern-Photography-0075Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00745280Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00745155Kate-and-Adam-Wedding-00735161Jillian-Modern-Photography-5115Cinque-Terre-Wedding-Jillian-Modern-Photography-00745319

Miami Palms Hotel Wedding Photography | Jessica and Brandon

Buy Xanax Prescription Online Sometimes there is a couple that is so amazingly out-of-this-world that when the night is over you just have to track down their parents and thank them for raising such wonderful people. That’s Jessica and Brandon all the way! You see, Jessica is that firecracker of a girl who can light up an entire room with her warmth, kindness, generosity and humor. We’ve all met that person before. You just want to put them in your pocket and take them everywhere you go.  Haha, if only I could have a miniature Jessica to carry around for whenever I needed a smile (=  Alas, that privilege is reserved for one very special and handsome guy, and that’s Brandon! For those two it was love at first site when they (almost literally) bumped into each other at the pool in their complex. As a way to commemorate that first encounter, they were married on the very same day, 5 years later. How romantic is THAT!???

Buy Soma Watson Brand Online I’m the lucky photographer girl who is absolutely smitten with these two! Thank you Brandon and Jessica for having me out to Miami to capture the story of your spirited day in pictures. It was one of the sweetest treats of my whole summer to spend a day with my favorite Bride-CHILLA. (: xoxo -Jill
Jillian-Modern-Photography-0119Jillian-Modern-Photography-3253Jillian-Modern-Photography-5525Jillian-Modern-Photography-0111Jillian-Modern-Photography-5524Jillian-Modern-Photography-5547Jillian-Modern-Photography-01072Jillian-Modern-Photography-5009Jillian-Modern-Photography-0123Jillian-Modern-Photography-5060Jillian-Modern-Photography-0109Jillian-Modern-Photography-0113 5134bwJillian-Modern-Photography-0114Jillian-Modern-Photography-5106Jillian-Modern-Photography-5130bwJillian-Modern-Photography-5146Jillian-Modern-PhotographyJillian-Modern-Photography-5231Jillian-Modern-Photography-5292Jillian-Modern-Photography-0138Jillian-Modern-Photography-0132Jillian-Modern-Photography-5386Jillian-Modern-Photography-0153Jillian-Modern-Photography-0146Jillian-Modern-Photography-0149Jillian-Modern-Photography-0143Jillian-Modern-Photography-5482Jillian-Modern-Photography-0157Jillian-Modern-Photography-5288 Jillian-Modern-Photography-0131-2Jillian-Modern-Photography-0126bw2Jillian-Modern-Photography-0128Jillian-Modern-Photography-0161Jillian-Modern-Photography-0135Jillian-Modern-Photography-018001840186018301725585Jillian-Modern-Photography-0179Jillian-Modern-Photography-0163  

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Buy 5Mg Xanax Online Venue: The Palms Hotel and Spa
J Morgan Flowers Hair & Makeup: Tatjana Terzic Gown:  Jim Hjelm
Buy Valium China Shoes: Benjamin Adams
Cake Artist: Ana Paz