Cinque Terre Wedding Photography | Kate and Adam I don’t think it’s any big secret that Italy is my very favorite place in the whole world! Well…Italy and Palm Springs … I long for both of those places on a regular basis. So when Kate reached out about her plans to elope in Cinque Terre, I was like…DREAMY!!! (= I also felt super connected to Kate and Adam’s story because I always had a secret desire to elope. I mean, what could be more romantic? Eloping in a colorful village that hangs on a vertical coastline that falls right into the Mediterranean Sea…IN THE ITALIAN RIVIERA!!! If you were to paint a picture of romance, I think that might be it! Let me tell you, watching these two lovebirds recite their vows to each other as the tide came drifting in over the rocks… I think that was the picture of what love is all about. Those quiet moments of appreciation.  I feel so honored to have captured this precious day, celebrating the love between two hearts. Raising a glass and saying, thank GOODNESS you two finally found each other! I want to wish you, Kate and Adam, a lifetime of happiness together. You are a kind and beautiful couple. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. xo

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