Sorrento Wedding Photographer

Settled high on the cliffs of Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the picturesque town of Sorrento, a wedding photographer’s dream landscape! Taking up one tiny corner (or cliff) of the Amalfi Coast, this is arguably the the most picturesque destination for adventurous couples looking to host a wedding surrounded gentle bay air breezes and the freshest catch-of-the-day fare…always paired with a glass of the local Italian wine, of course. Buon appetito!

Pictured here are my favorite couple in the whole world, Heather and Michael. These two tied the knot at the stylish Italian Villa dei D’Armieto surrounded by a posh group of guests and a bevy of thoughtful touches, all purposefully chosen celebrate their love of travel and all things Amalfi! To see more from Heather and Michaels Sorrento Wedding, click here.

Sorrento Wedding Photographer

Cartagena Wedding Photographer | Top 17 Wedding Destinations for 2017

Just a couple months ago I had the opportunity to experience life as a Cartagena Wedding Photographer. Not only was it my first time shooting an event there, but it was my very first time to visit South America, period.

I know what you’re thinking, Colombia has a seedy reputation, at best. But the story is changing for this old Colonial port town. A couple of years ago Cartagena graced the pages of Travel + Leisures list for Best Places to Travel in 2015.  Also, Lonely Planet gave Colombia the number two slot of the top 10 places you “don’t want to miss” in 2017.  If you needed more proof, Cartagena actually hit the number one spot on Trip Advisor’s Top Ten Destination list for 2016. Yup, numero Uno!

When I arrived, I felt like I had just been let in on the best kept secret of those well-traveled. If you are entertaining the idea of planning your destination wedding here, there’s another secret I want to let you in on and that’s Cartagena Team Bride. Don’t waste one moment of planning without reaching out to Gina and Clarita for their expertise. They know every secret spot in the city and through these two power planners, you will have all of the finest vendors in the city at your disposal. You can thank me later. (=

Oh, and be sure to check back. I’ll be posting the full story on Laura and John’s 5 Day Extravaganza in Cartagena and it’s surrounding islands. And that gown? None other than Pronovias!

Cartagena Wedding Photographerity

Destination Wedding Photography | Palm Springs Wedding

If you’ve been envisioning the kind of bash where the entire wedding party ends up in the pool at the end of the night, then a Palm Springs Wedding is your jam! The water’s always warm and begging for a dip and the after party seams to be the quintessential time to make an appointment. So stock up on your oversized wedding floaties and get to planning an over-the-top late night experience!

My personal favorite PS Pools? I love the anytime vibe at the Ace Hotel and the Riviera. But if you’re looking for a truly unique venue with stylish desert details that range from classy to quirky try The Parker or Avalon Hotels. Hoping to have the entire estate to yourselves? Korakia Pensione, Colony 29 or the O’Donnell House are all must-see’s in my book. Meet you at the pool! (=

Parker Palm Springs Wedding


Destination Wedding Photography | Chesapeake Bay | Top 17

I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of eating fresh crab. Equally as enticing, the thought of cracking into some of that dirty JUMBO LUMP while toasting to the happy couple! That’s why Chesapeake Bay comes in at number 7 in my Top 17 List of the greatest places to host a Destination Wedding in 2017. Because, let’s face it, marriage can be messy, and real men wear bibs!

Destination Wedding Photographer Chesapeake Bay



Destination Wedding Photography | Alsace | Top 17 for 2017

Over this past summer I found myself on an accidental road trip through the Alsace region of France. With my faithful driver (who also happens to be my faithful husband) as my navigator, we initially set out for a 2 day trip to see a friend in Strasbourg. Midway through we found ourselves traversing a scenic valley, zipping past sunflower fields followed by freshly cut hay fields, then rye followed by more hay. Giant yellow bales sit waiting to be loaded on a truck. The road pours into a valley of gently rolling hills outstretched with blankets of maturing grape vines and dotted with tiny churches and castles off in the distance. Our two days on the road, turned into ten!

The whole time I’m daydreaming from the passenger side, photographing a fictitious wedding in my mind. Setting up one long banquet-style farm table amongst the bales.  Lining it with rustic black chairs. Adding crisp white linen napkins. Choosing the perfect vintage glassware. A lush line of greenery forms the table runner, flecked with bright bursts of white and plum-colored Anemones. Guests mingle and sip on cocktails garnished with fresh lavender picked that morning from a neighboring field.  Flower girls play together, dancing along with the 20’s style string band.

Now I’ve got stars in my eyes! My husband and I are almost a decade into our marriage…perhaps it’s a good time to plan a vow renewal? Well….a girl can dream! Either way, my number eight pick for places to host a Destination Wedding in 2017 is Alsace, France.

Destination Wedding Photography