Destination Wedding Photography | Chesapeake Bay | Top 17

I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of eating fresh crab. Equally as enticing, the thought of cracking into some of that dirty JUMBO LUMP while toasting to the happy couple! That’s why Chesapeake Bay comes in at number 7 in my Top 17 List of the greatest places to host a Destination Wedding in 2017. Because, let’s face it, marriage can be messy, and real men wear bibs!

Destination Wedding Photographer Chesapeake Bay



Destination Wedding Photography | Alsace | Top 17 for 2017

Over this past summer I found myself on an accidental road trip through the Alsace region of France. With my faithful driver (who also happens to be my faithful husband) as my navigator, we initially set out for a 2 day trip to see a friend in Strasbourg. Midway through we found ourselves traversing a scenic valley, zipping past sunflower fields followed by freshly cut hay fields, then rye followed by more hay. Giant yellow bales sit waiting to be loaded on a truck. The road pours into a valley of gently rolling hills outstretched with blankets of maturing grape vines and dotted with tiny churches and castles off in the distance. Our two days on the road, turned into ten!

The whole time I’m daydreaming from the passenger side, photographing a fictitious wedding in my mind. Setting up one long banquet-style farm table amongst the bales.  Lining it with rustic black chairs. Adding crisp white linen napkins. Choosing the perfect vintage glassware. A lush line of greenery forms the table runner, flecked with bright bursts of white and plum-colored Anemones. Guests mingle and sip on cocktails garnished with fresh lavender picked that morning from a neighboring field.  Flower girls play together, dancing along with the 20’s style string band.

Now I’ve got stars in my eyes! My husband and I are almost a decade into our marriage…perhaps it’s a good time to plan a vow renewal? Well….a girl can dream! Either way, my number eight pick for places to host a Destination Wedding in 2017 is Alsace, France.

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography | NYC | Top 17 for 2017

If you’re just starting to read, I’m counting down my favorite spots to plan for your destination wedding in 2017. Coming in at number ten is New York City! A city that needs no introduction….the center of the universe! Right? With a reputation like that, who wouldn’t want to get married there? (=

New York City Destination Wedding Photography by Jillian Modern

Destination Wedding Photography Cinque Terre | Top 17 for 2017

Italy has always been my thing. It doesn’t really matter much about the where of things… just get me to Italy! It’s true, Anytown, Italy happens to my very favorite place to capture destination wedding photography. I just love an image that screams, “Buongiorno! We just got married in Italy! … Um, Mi Scusi, have you seen our picture-perfect wedding in Italy?” Hosting a wedding here comes with a certain set of bragging rights, and every town has it’s own list.

All that being said, Cinque Terre is not just ANY town in Italy. The word Cinque means ‘five’ in Italian. And Terre loosely translates to ‘town’. So we’re actually talking about five towns. Five picturesque (and centuries-old) seaside villages washed in contrasting hues of sun-baked pastels. The series of  isolated towns are nestled in along a 6 mile stretch of rugged cliffs that plunge right into the cobalt waters of the Italian Rivierra. Each, strung together by a dirt walking trail (because there are no cars here) that snakes through steep terraced vines clinging to the jagged terrane. It’s the stuff out of postcards.

After a lazy day spent lounging by the sea with a backgammon board and a crisp rosé, lead your guests up through a secret winding pathway lined on both sides with the glow warm candlelight. A grand set of rought-iron gates swing open to reveal an unforgettable ceremony and a night full of romance. Trust me, it’s all about Italy!

Cinque Terre Italy Wedding Photography by Destination Wedding Photographer, Jillian Modern


Destination Wedding Photography | Nevis | Top 17 for 2017

A perfectly groomed sugar sand beach, cotton candy blue-colored waters and a giant volcano sundae with an extra heap of whipped-cream-cloud topping….sound like a nice backdrop for your island vows? Why not kick your heals up and let the staff at The Four Seasons, Nevis take care of every last detail for your dream destination wedding.

You and your guests can truly relax and unwind while being treated to the Four Season’s luxury level of service…you’ll be pampered like a celebrity from the moment you arrive!  But try to keep your cool because the vibe is completely mellow on the laid back island of Nevis.

Upon arrival to St. Kitts, you’ll be personally escorted to your private yacht for a 45 minute tour to this West Indies Island. Once on board, you’ll be greeted with an exotic spiced Rum Punch (a highly-guarded local recipe) and a cool cloth scented with mint and jasmine to revive your senses. Your private staff of 5 will get you to the island in style. Would it be faux-pas to refer to this as The Good Ship Lollipop?

As you step off onto the long plank dock, your bags will be whisked away to your room where you can get right to planning your itinerary. If you’re anything like me, it’s nothing more complicated than flip-flops to the pool and an umbrella drink delivery.  But for those looking for slightly more, you could embark on a hike up Mount Nevis where the monkeys are just as much a part of the landscape as their dense forrest habitat. Challenge the bridal party to a round of golf on the lushly–landscaped championship course. Save a sea turtle or just enjoy a cocktail at the local’s-only beach hut, “Turtle Time”.  Top off your day with a beach-side deep tissue massage and you’ve just signed up for a stress-free wedding. (=

Destination Wedding Photography on the island of Nevis | Photographed by Jillian Modern Photography

Destination Wedding Photography Above Created by: Jillian Modern Photography
Venue: Four Seasons Resort, Nevis