Miami Palms Hotel Wedding Photography | Jessica and Brandon

Sometimes there is a couple that is so amazingly out-of-this-world that when the night is over you just have to track down their parents and thank them for raising such wonderful people. That’s Jessica and Brandon all the way! You see, Jessica is that firecracker of a girl who can light up an entire room with her warmth, kindness, generosity and humor. We’ve all met that person before. You just want to put them in your pocket and take them everywhere you go.  Haha, if only I could have a miniature Jessica to carry around for whenever I needed a smile (=  Alas, that privilege is reserved for one very special and handsome guy, and that’s Brandon! For those two it was love at first site when they (almost literally) bumped into each other at the pool in their complex. As a way to commemorate that first encounter, they were married on the very same day, 5 years later. How romantic is THAT!???

I’m the lucky photographer girl who is absolutely smitten with these two! Thank you Brandon and Jessica for having me out to Miami to capture the story of your spirited day in pictures. It was one of the sweetest treats of my whole summer to spend a day with my favorite Bride-CHILLA. (: xoxo -Jill
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Venue: The Palms Hotel and Spa
J Morgan Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Tatjana Terzic
Gown:  Jim Hjelm
Shoes: Benjamin Adams
Cake Artist: Ana Paz

  1. Tony Z
    Oct 15th

    You guys were AMAZING! It was such a pleasure being able to spend your special day with you two in such a fun and vibrant city.