Rivini Runway | New York | Spring 2013

Last month I had a fun opportunity to attend and photograph the New York Bridal Market Week alongside my new friend, Vané from the Brooklyn Bride Blog. My favorite part of any show is when they let me backstage to capture some of the action. I love watching 25 people fuss around one girl to get her ready to walk. If you think about it, it’s a lot like a wedding isn’t it? There is a special dress, and a bunch of fittings, planning for the perfect hair, make-up, shoes and accessories. A VIP guest list, an extravagant after-party. And the big highlight of it all is when then they send the model down the runway (i.e. the aisle). Big smile, I LIVE for that moment! I can’t wait to photograph some of these gowns in a real wedding setting this year!

!Rivini Spring 2013 Photographed by Jillian Modern Photography

Rivini Spring 2013 photographed by Jillian Modern Photography