Santa Monica Engagement Photography | Jenna and Dan

When I first spoke with Marcy about photographing the wedding at The Boathouse she said “…you’re going to love my daughter, Jenna! …she’s sweet and cute and bubbly and full of energy – and she looks a little bit like Lauren Conrad…” First I thought, sounds like a win/win situation for me. And then I thought….don’t all mom’s say sweet things like that about their daughters??? Well, when I finally got to meet Jenna in person I realized this was not false advertising. Not only is Jenna sweet and cute and bubbly, but she’s probably one of THE sweetest, THE cutest and THE bubbliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! I immediately fell in love when she started talking fashion…this is the girl who enlightened me on the subject of arm parties and the Man Repeller. I taught her about the ‘BOOTY TOOCH’ (thanks Tyra). And the conversation just spun off from there. What I kept thinking is, how lucky these two beautiful people are to have found each other!  I’m especially lucky to be the one who gets to photograph it!