New York City Engagment Photography | Brooke and Joe

Oh…New York in Fall!!! People live for what it’s made of: crunching leaves on the sidewalk, all things made of apples, that whip of chill in the air, the trip down into the basement (or out to your parents house in Jersey) to switch out your closets with all the cold weather clothes, and GREY….seemingly forever, now grey. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of Fall. I don’t like it because of what it implies, which is the long, cold winter that lies just on the other side of you, Fall. But because this is a blog about couples who are happy and in love, I’ll try to bring it back around. (= If you’re in love and you’ve got someone to cozy in with you, Fall is not so bad. Especially if you’re engaged and you live in the City that is located at the exact Center of the Universe, New York. Seriously, Brooke and Joe could care less about Winter or Fall. They are going to blaze through it along with their super snuggly kitty, Scout, to keep them warm. They are on a countdown – because as soon as the cold weather lifts, it will be time for their New York City Wedding at the Boathouse in Central Park…and I can’t wait! Congrats you two, and thanks for choosing me to capture every single moment. Hugs! ♥♥♥
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