Bali Rice Fields

Here is something I don’t want you to know…I’ve never actually printed and FRAMED an image that I took on vacation. I promise though, that won’t happen with this batch. I will print these images I took of these soulful people in the rice fields of Bali and hang them on my walls just to remind me – even when life has you bent over, knee-deep stuck in the mud….Step back and look at the big picture. Pause and take a break for something that makes you happy. Dance, Air Guitar, Strike a pose, Strike a NINJA pose, be silly, stick out your tongue, punch the sky, twerk. Show up. Move forward. Grab a friend to do it with you. Take a walk. Laugh. Give thanks. Hug someone. But mostly, just SMILE….not only is it your best accessory, it’s an international language….fabulous hat not included!